About Rochelle Reea

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For over 37 years, Rochelle has been teaching people how to get out of pain and move efficiently and correctly to avoid injuries and back issues. She is a Certified Ergonomics Specialist, and a Certified posture and movement expert earning a three-year training credential.

Her purpose and expertise is to help employees stay at work and be productive; empowering them through education on ways to work smarter and safer. Problems in the workplace such as Muscular Skeletal Disorders and Repetitive Strain Injuries can be solved and avoided through ergonomic training, regular assessments, and mind/body techniques that address habitual movement habits and stress. Rochelle’s experience has shown her that training can increase employee productivity; reduce health costs, and lower absenteeism.

For over three decades, Rochelle has provided interactive, high-energy presentations, workshops, trainings, and seminars for companies, events, health and wellness venues, National Ergonomics Conference, medical facilities, universities, spas, performance arts venues, fitness facilities, and learning centers. Rochelle’s background as a dance major and performer has helped develop her skills as a physical presenter for corporate trainings.

Rochelle believes in providing early ergonomic training and intervention for new employees to prevent escalation into more chronic conditions that could encourage more absenteeism and drug use. When employees have mild pain symptoms it is the best time to intervene with ergonomic training and back-saving techniques.

Rochelle provides one on one and group sessions, Lunch & Learns, and adapts trainings to the needs of her clients.

“We contacted Rochelle at Corporate Pain Relief because I was having issues with pain and my Physical Therapist suggested getting an Ergonomic Specialist to look at our office setting.

Rochelle was very knowledgeable and worked with us to determine the best possible setting for our offices. She prescribed the right furniture to have as well as positions to reduce injury or pain. She addressed each and everyone’s concerns, even through our allotted appointment time was running over”. William Arthur, Head of School, International School of Tucson

“Thank you for coming to our business for the ergonomics class, it was very educational. We appreciate your time and expertise!” Precision Toyota, Tucson, AZ

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