About Rochelle Reea

headshot 2Rochelle Reea is one of the nation’s top experts in the field of pain management. She is a certified ergonomic specialist-CEAS. She has been gathering experience in the worlds of health, education, fitness, pain and injury since a teenager when she took her first chewable vitamin in High School. 

Rochelle’s background as a dance major in college and performer has developed her skills as a physical presenter in corporate trainings. She trained three years to become a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique and applies the methods and techniques into her ergonomics assessments and trainings for a higher standard of benefits to companies. 

For over 35 years, Rochelle has successfully changed the lives of hundreds of people with different pain and performance issues through her unique, interactive presentations, seminars, workshops, and trainings for: universities, fitness and medical facilities, corporate wellness, learning institutes, and workshops for the National Ergonomic Conference.

Rochelle’s company, Corporate Pain Relief, also provides Training the Trainers through her Mind/Body Approach to Ergonomics training for specialists, physical therapists, ergonomics trainers, and occupational therapists. This training will enhance their diagnostic abilities, the patients they serve, and to help the therapists and specialists overcome their pain issues.


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