Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a hands-on method of education that teaches us how to un-do acquired habits of thought and movement that interfere with the inherent design of the body. When this innate and perfect design of the body is distorted or imposed upon by stresses and misuse, we have all kinds of pain such as: sciatica, stenosis of the spine, migraines, and joint degeneration-the list goes on and on.

Corporate Pain Relief  Offers These Solutions:
  • Pain free movement
  • Prevent surgery
  • Increase spine health

Pain can be relieved in a non-evasive way through education and effective body movement!

Baby boy wearing diaper in white sunny bedroom. Newborn child relaxing in bed. Nursery for children. Textile and bedding for kids. Family morning at home. New born kid during tummy time with toy bear.Humans, from birth, have an inborn pattern of movement and a readiness to explore life. This instinctual growth process provides the means to ideal upright movement and a beautiful relationship to gravity. 



When we apply the principles and methods of the Alexander Technique, we can return to our natural ease, poise, and health — and enjoy activities of life, and for many of us, get back to work again!

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Working with Rochelle has been one of the profound healing journeys of my life and I whole-heartedly recommend her lessons to anyone who would like to reduce pain and feel the confidence and positivity of achieving greater poise!

Zev Rubin