The Human Development Approach for Ergonomic Specialists and Risk Management/Safety Trainers

  • Safety and Risk Management Trainers
  • Ergonomic Assessment Specialists
  • Occupational and Physical Therapists
  • Back School Trainers

THROUGH THE LENS OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT: Head and neck reflexes are responsible for smooth, harmonious, integrated movement. This innate movement system is alive and well when we don’t impose tension and stress upon it. Underlying the MSDs, RSI, and back conditions rampant in company employees, including specialists and trainers, is our unconscious habitual movement responses to stimuli that are responsible for causing the pain issues.

Train Trainers and Specialists To:

  • Solve their stress and pain issues
  • Understand and teach the “psychology of movement”
  • Identify and solve the causes of back pain, MSDs and RSI through the lens of Human Development and Body/Mind Techniques

Benefits To The Company

  • Healthy trainers and employees
  • Lower costs and absenteeism
  • Avoid surgery and drug use

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