Worksite Holistic Pain Management Training

When employees have mild aches, discomforts and pain, it is the right time to intervene with education and preventive pain relief techniques. Therefore, conditions will not escalate into constant aching and chronic back pain, Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSDs), and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).   I use a proven, alternative, drug-free method to reduce or eliminate pain so employees can avoid addiction, stay in the workforce, and become productive again.


  • Prevent pain, injury, and surgery
  • Create a Pain-free, Drug-free environment
  • Reduce downtime, Increase productivity
  • Lower costs

A systematic approach to Workplace Pain Management includes early intervention and prevention training as an essential part of employee health, and an addition to your existing health and wellness program. Corporate Pain Relief specializes in employee back pain, Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSDs), Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), and anti-stress relief strategies.

Corporate Pain Relief Training programs provide a highly interactive, hands-on, Mind-Body/Whole-Body approach to Ergonomic Assessments and Back Schools. This approach is a missing component in most ergonomic training methods and company Wellness Programs. Uncover the solutions that enable employees to have more pain-free/stress-free time, as well as unlocking the tools for use in daily life.

Every year 1.8 million U.S. workers experience work related musculoskeletal disorders, WRMDs, and nearly 600,000 of the injuries are serious enough to cause workers to miss work.

- International Ergonomic Association

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