On-Site Ergonomics Assessments & Training

Corporate Pain Relief offers Ergonomic Assessments and Training for your employees to prevent Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSDs), Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), and Back Pain that cause employee absenteeism, poor production, and high medical costs. RSI is one of the biggest problems in the workplace and can be avoided with proper training.

“In the U.S., Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) has become the number one work-related health problem, according to OSHA statistics. … A work-related musculoskeletal disorder is an injury to the muscles, tendons and/or nerves of the upper body either caused or aggravated by work.”

Corporate Pain Relief (CPR) Ergonomics Training is geared to not only address the employee workstation through assessments, but also the habits the employee uses to interact with the work environment. Ergonomics provides the necessary tools and techniques to maintain good health at the workstation and other work environments. CPR training will help employees to avoid back pain, MSDs, RSI and injuries. Training can include proper bending, lifting, and transferring of patients.

Early intervention with ergonomics training with new employees coming into the company is highly recommended and adds greatly to the prevention of  injuries that cause high health costs.  Furthermore, when your current employees have mild aches, discomforts and pain it is the right time to intervene with ergonomics education. Then conditions will not escalate into constant aching and chronic back pain, resulting in injuries, absenteeism, poor production and more health costs to your company.  

Ergonomics is a drug-free method to reduce or eliminate pain so employees can avoid addiction, stay in the workforce, and become productive again.


  • Prevent injury and surgery
  • Create a Pain-free, Drug-free environment
  • Reduce downtime, Increase productivity
  • Lower costs
Every year 1.8 million U.S. workers experience work related musculoskeletal disorders, WRMDs, and nearly 600,000 of the injuries are serious enough to cause workers to miss work.

- International Ergonomic Association

“We contacted Rochelle at Corporate Pain Relief because I was having issues with pain and my Physical Therapist suggested getting an Ergonomic Specialist to look at our office setting.

Rochelle was very knowledgeable and worked with us to determine the best possible setting for our offices. She prescribed the right furniture to have as well as positions to reduce injury or pain. She addressed each and everyone’s concerns, even through our allotted appointment time was running over”. William Arthur, Head of School, International School of Tucson

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